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Aseem Kala Yatra

This workshop was conceptualised to create an awareness of Choreography in the Indian context and to popularise Dance as a Career option for today’s youth, featuring a format of interactive workshopping and performances by our performing unit.

Set in rural areas and satellite cities, a core team of 6 dancers and a technician travels to an area where we conduct a practical and theory workshop about the origins of choreography, the Natya Shaastra/ Abhinaya Darpanam, art and craft of creating movement, mime and more.

Post lunch, the participants move to the auditorium where they learn about lighting and stage design.

In the evening the core team performs a Dance and multimedia work called – Indian Dance – “From Tradition to Modernity” which showcases the classical, martial, folk and contemporary dance idioms of our country.

This series was created in 2006 and has toured many districts of India already.

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  • An archiving and publishing programme for books, digitizing archival photographs & DVDs on dance.

  • Text books on Kathak and syllabus creation for the Karnataka State Secondary Education & Examination Board.

  • ‘Maya Rao – a lifetime in choreography’ – Guru Dr. Maya Rao’s autobiography in association with the Department of Culture, Govt. Of Karnataka.

  • ‘Maya to Matter’ – a DVD of Dr. Maya Rao’s lecture demonstration on 5 topics – ‘Poetry of Kathak’, ‘Kathak as a sringboard of Choreography’, ‘Bhaav Batana’, ‘Relevance of Natyashastra in today’s times’, Evolution of Movement’.


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Sahaja – making dance accessible to various communities.

Dance Shaal(w)e

Centres itself around the fact that the arts play an integral role in the holistic growth of a child.

This endeavour aims at providing children in urban slums, rural and satellite areas with an opportunity to engage the mind, body and spirit as a collaborative expression for all that it means to be human. Investment in artistic nurturing and expression as an imperative life skill in today’s times.

“Shaale” in Kannada refers to a learning platform/school.

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