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The Institute runs two diploma courses accredited by JUx, Jain (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru. The courses in Kathak and Diploma are year long and designed to provide tools to the dance makers of the future. Admissions to the courses begin in the month of June.


The institute also offers weekly Kathak classes for adults and children. Admissions to these classes occur every year on Vijayadashami day.


Diploma in Choreography

The Skill Diploma in Choreography is a unique course designed for today’s dancer who seeks to balance a sound training with emerging trends in the global dance scenario.

Natya is a symbiotic school of thought that fuses traditional dance disciplines and evolving choreographic trends as a medium for development through dance education, performance and interface.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, this specially designed course  nurtures the creative abilities of dance students & provides the right atmosphere for them to make their mark as performers & choreographers of high calibre. The faculty is made up of eminent artistes and experts from the field of dance, academia, media, music, theatre, design, management and therapy.


Diploma in Kathak

This course is a composite introduction to the artistry & craft of Kathak utilising a bespoke syllabus that combines our Founder Dr Maya Rao's unique methodology as well as the traditional training  trail from her Guru, the doyen of the Lucknow Gharāna- Guru Shambhu Maharaj.


This course is certified by Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography and the JUx and Jain (Deemed -to be) University.


 Kathak Classes

The institute offers weekly Kathak classes for students starting age 6 and upwards. Held twice a week at our landmark studio, the classes introduce students not just training in Kathak technique and repertoire but also the intricacies of rhythm and the history of the form. The classes run in four batches:

1. Children's classes

2. Adult's classes - a. Working professionals' class b. Homemakers' class. 3. Hobby class

4. Proficiency classes

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Creative Movement Classes

STEM DANCE KAMPNI initiated Bangalore's first contemporary dance unit in 1995. NIKC partners with STEM to host these signature movement regimen of the company taught in early morning and evening classes

There are three batches for these classes:

1. Working professionals batch

2. Students batch

3. Children's batch

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